The Hotel


Discover the history of the Hotel Langlois

Built towards the end of the 19th century, the imposing cut stone building where the Hôtel Langlois resides was first the residence of a bank, before being transformed into a two-storey private mansion, "L'Hôtel Meublé des Croisés". In 1896, two more floors were added and in 1905, the last two floors were built in their turn.



Because of its interior and exterior character and its proximity to the Trinité de Paris, the Hotel Langlois is often used for film and TV shoots, as well as for fashion photo shoots.



The Hotel Langlois when it opened was called the Hotel des Croisés. It took the name Hôtel Langlois after having served as the setting for the film " the Truth about Charly " by Jonathan Demme. Demme wanted to pay tribute to the founder of the Cinémathèque française, Henry Langlois, and we decided during the shooting to keep this name for our hotel.

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